"[...] an undeniable interplay and band's involvement on stage: these qualities are underlined emphatically from the New York crowd..."

Drum Club, 2016

The Matt Project's new LP "Overnight" is a 10-track temporary collection that define a stylistic and musical evolution with a propulsive groove and a retro-futuristic atmosphere: a trip from the eighties to nowadays on a DeLorean or, depending on your taste, a white Ferrari, "Miami Vice" style.

A very instinctive record with a bite, where the difference is made by the smallest details, even the most elusive ones, the band has never been a big fan of forced virtuosity and sophistication: imperfections make them feel alive.

The beautiful and historical city of Verona, where the band is based, isn't really conducive to setting up a flourishing music scene. The Matt Project are all people who live regardless of today's fashion trends, caring solely on delivering a powerful show. Their independence make them an anomaly for the contemporary italian musical landscape.

Things started to move for real when founders Matteo Breoni and Carlo Poddighe decided to make a record with Steve Greenwell (producer of Joss Stone and many others) in Manhattan NY, reaching out to Jury Magliolo to join the band, on bass. This resulted on the 2015 record "Tripping Out". From this moment the band has started to perform consistently in the New York scene and, more recently, in London, Copenaghen and Amsterdam as well.

In 2022 The Matt Project has started working on their fifth long play, releasing the first single "Nightride" in April, followed by "India".

The Matt Project is:

Matteo Breoni - drums / vocals

Carlo Poddighe - guitar / vocals

Jury Magliolo - bass / vocals


2020 Overnight

2017 Silver Linings

2015 Tripping Out